Frame Type Moving Sewing Head Quilting Machine

Frame Type Moving Sewing Head Quilting Machine G (series) computerized quilting machines are suitable for producing all kinds of bedding products. The speed is very fast and the pattern is beautiful and refine. They adopt two servo control systems to control machine head and rotary shuttle ,......

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Frame Type Moving Sewing Head Quilting Machine


G (series) computerized quilting machines are suitable for producing all kinds of bedding products. The speed is very fast and the pattern is beautiful and refine. They adopt two servo control systems to control machine head and rotary shuttle, which improves operation speed and quilting precision. At the same time, we also designs new system of pumping oil by itself. The device extends life of spare parts when the machine always run at high speed and it also can reduce noise and improve reliability of the machine. The surface of the machine uses the baking varnish, which is durable.

♦ Specifications







Quilt Size






Needle Drop Size






Machine Needle





Quilting Speed



Stitch Length









AC 220V, 50Hz, 1.5Kw







♦ Characteristics

O  Adopt two servo control systems to control machine head and rotary shuttle. And the linear guide orbit device is used to move machine head, which not only enhances precision of movement but also reduces noise.

O  Stable industrial control system is adopted, main shaft is controlled by AC servo control system, X-direction and Y-direction are controlled by the step motion control system.

O  The latest industrial control mainboard, enable to use USB-disk start while other disks in computer can not work, with function of running and furbishing controlling system.

O  Capable of copying pattern and other files from USB-disk, and enable to use USB-disk plug and play.

O  It’s convenient to copy or delete pattern files by pattern management function.

O  It is able to recognize patterns of variety forms with the function of pattern viewing. Patterns can be rotated and mirrored..

O  Functions of pieces counting and resetting to zero are supplied.

O  Both forward and backward modes for overlapping quilting, overlap stitch distance can be treated specially, and the stitch length can be adjusted.

O  Trace seeking function makes needle quickly located in its position.

O  Display quilting status at any time and prompt operation.

O  There are two quilting methods: forward and backward, and offer press buttons like forward, backward and needle threading etc.

O  It is convenient to define and adjust frame range with setting and modifying functions.

O  Offset function makes it available to join separated patterns accurately.

O The size of pattern will be varied automatically through defining range and space of pattern.

O  Use hydro-oiling concentrative sets for supplying oil to machine head and pedestal. It’s convenient, brief and very credible.

O Two sets of presser foot (fixed presser foot and flexible presser foot) are supplied to quilting head by your option, which can be changed easily.

O  Single head, single needle, double lock zigzag, big rotating shuttle.

O  Actual power consumption of machine is less than 1KW.

O  Needle stays at high position at pause time, machine stops working automatically while needle thread is broken.

O  It is effective to detect the machine working status for repairing by system testing.

Main shaft self-detecting protects quilts from broken by main shaft failure. Motor power will be cut off when steel frame exceeds limit range.

O  Return to original point automatically or manually, it will reduce unnecessary stop.

About Us

Dongguan Chi Shing Machinery Co., Ltd. Was established and developed quickly in the middle of 1970s. 

In order to explore more market share, Dongguan Chishing Machinery Co., Ltd. Set a factory in World Factory- Dongguan, Guangdong Province. It covers 12, 000 square meters. The first and only one quilting machines manufacturer in Mainland China at that time. With its advanced technology, unique design, and now Chishing had secured a leading position in the quilting industry. 

At present, the company has huge Vertical milling machine, Horizontal milling machine, lathe and so on. Also we have imported advanced CNC numerical control milling machine. Meanwhile, we have R&D 4 meters numerical control milling machine; It improved our product quality and increased the models of the machines. Products include 64inch, 94inch 110inch and 128inch digital control quilting machine and quilting embroidery machine. 64inch, 94inch mechanical model quilting machine, computerized mattress quilting machine,etc.

With standardized management, abundant technology strength, advanced production technology the company expands its sales network all over the world.

To achieve most satisfactory products the company is always striving for best quality, most favorable price, and best service at fastest speed to win more and more users. The company had set after-sales offices in many central cities in China. Such as Beijing, Wuhan, Hangzhou, Shishi, Shengyang and Nantong etc. With the steady expanding export business, our products were exported to Southeast Asia, South Asia, USA, Africa, Europe, South America, Middle East etc.

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