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Home Textile Product Quilting Machine Suggestions on how to choose machinery and related parts Frame: in order to reduce vibration, deformation and daring reinforcement, the roller has been specially heat-treated. Drive components: Servo motors, drives and inverters are the Panasonic brands. Raw......

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Suggestions on how to choose machinery and related parts

Frame: in order to reduce vibration, deformation and daring reinforcement, the roller has been specially heat-treated.

Drive components:

Servo motors, drives and inverters are the Panasonic brands.

Raw material supply part:

Because of the unique adjustable roller active feeding system, the material with different thickness can be ideal tension and pressure adjustment, and the quilting effect of no stitch can be ensured, and the fabric will not be damaged.

Needles and shuttle parts:

Part of the needle: select the West German needle and. What kind of needle is chosen depends on the sewing material. For example, for processing fine elastic materials or thick leather materials, SmiMez can provide various special needles including Smithz Serv 7, KN, SF and FHS. The standard needle for using the Chishng machine is DuoTEC. If you make special materials, you need to buy different needles according to your product.

Shuttle parts:

CHIHE imported Hasima shuttles. The quality of shuttle will directly affect the quality and efficiency of sewing. The poor quality of the shuttle will cause the spring lock not tight, bouncing off and thread wasting. The hot deformation of the shuttle will lead to the jump needle for a period of time.

The Cink brand quilting machine insists on importing shuttle, such as Japanese and Swiss brands. Therefore, quilting quilting has the advantages of Japanese and Swiss quilting machines.

The numerical control shuttle multi needle quilting machine has the following characteristics:

It has the advantages of reasonable design, high degree of automation, simple operation (keyboard and mouse), good quilting stability, high quilting effect, short maintenance time and long service life.

The quilting machine adopts the digital control program.

The saddle and Rollers are driven by a Panasonic servo.

3. The speed of spindle is controlled by Panasonic frequency converter.

4.360 degree quilting machine has 300 quilting patterns for you to choose from.

5. a simple pattern rendering system enables you to complete the pattern design in a few minutes.

6 includes nailed and jumping functions.

7 needle distance from 2mm to 6mm can be adjusted.

Eight, pattern compensation function and effective solution of pattern distortion.


9, adjustable pressure plate lifting mechanism enables you to be widely spliced on different thickness materials.


10. The top thread includes automatic line breaking detector.

11. automatic needle positioning brake system

12. The error alarm system is included.

13. emergency sensor safety device

The quilting software control system is improved to make quilting operation more precise and stable.

Improved fabric loading system: fabric loading motor ensures tension control and quilting effect.

Note: special models can be customized according to the situation.

Structural advantages:

1. The machine adopts split design, and the mechanical parts separated from the computer control cabinet have the following advantages:

The high speed treadmill will not affect the computer control part.

This is particularly convenient for a machine without enough space and no large lift and forklift, because the weight is scattered and the space is separated.

It can reduce losses during floods or fires, because our cabinets are light and easy to move in cases of natural disasters.

One of our clients unfortunately encountered a flood. Fortunately, his computer cabinet is very good. He can quickly move the cabinet manually.

2. This machine uses 18.5 inch liquid crystal display

3, multi needle quilting machine adopts professional industrial computer and brand EVOC. This is the latest model of the FSC8185 motherboard. Industrial computers have the ability to work continuously for a long time.

Compared with ordinary office computers, it has the advantages of dustproof, shockproof and fast heat transfer.

Technical Data:

Function/Parameter data/Model

CS110-2 needle row

CS110-3 needle row


5200*1100*1600 mm

5300*1200*1650 mm

Needle row distance

No.1-No.2 : 76.2 mm

No.1-No.2: 76.2 mm

No.1-No.3: 152.4 mm


Needle distance

25.4 mm

25.4 mm

X  Stroke

203.2 mm(8")

304.8 mm(12")


Quilting thickness fiber before pressing

≤70 mm

≤70 mm

Stitch length

2-6 mm

2-6 mm


20-120 m/h

20-120 m/h

Needle No.



Max needle Qty

220 pcs

330 pcs

Quilting width

2794 mm

2794 mm

Rotating speed

200-500 rpm/m

200-500 rpm/m

Rating power

6.2 kw

6.2 kw







3500 kg

3800 kg


Applications: European style non-slip mat, cloth art cushion, leather sofa set, sofa cover, a variety of bed mattress, air conditioning quilt, bedding covers, mattress, mattress protectors, sofa protectors, oven gloves , wall decorations, ,car cushions, prayer mat, summer quilts ,blankets, etc

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