64 Inch Quilting Machine

Inch Quilting Machine Technical data : Features: Reasonable design, high automation, easy operation (keyboard and mouse ) Quilting stability, high quilting effect, low maintenance, long using life. Digital control shuttle multi-needle quilting machine has following features: 1. Adopt the......

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Inch Quilting Machine

Technical data :

Function/Parameter data/Model

CS94”-2 needle row

CS94”-3 needle row



4700*1200*1650 mm

Needle row distance


No.2: 76.2 mm   (3 inch)

No.1-No.2: 76.2 mm

No.1-No.3: 152.4mm (6 inch)

Needle distance

25.4 mm

25.4 mm

X Stroke

203.2 mm(8")

304.8 mm(12")

Quilting thickness

≤30 mm;400 g/m2

≤30 mm;400 g/m2

Stitch length

2-6 mm

2-6 mm


20-120 m/h

20-120 m/h

Needle No.



Max needle Qty

188 pcs

282 pcs

Quilting width


2388 mm

Rotating speed

200-500 rpm/m

200-500 rpm/m

Rating power

3.5 kw

3.5 kw


380 V/50HZ

220 V/60HZ

380 V/50HZ

220 V/60HZ


3000 kg

3400 kg



Reasonable design, high automation, easy operation (keyboard and mouse )

Quilting stability, high quilting effect, low maintenance, long using life.

Digital control shuttle multi-needle quilting machine has following features:

1. Adopt the advanced process design.

2. Needle bar and pressing block take the double rocker, avoid the materials be soiled by lube.

3. High rigidity machine body,perfect protecting equipment and steady-going control system.

4. X,Y motors and main motor are driven by servo system.

5. Test the working state of all sensors and computer in real time.

6. Auto-stop system when the upper or bottom thread broke by infrared.Auto-lift needle and adjust the speed by computer.

7. Automatic faults tips for servo motor system and transducer,which is convenient to eliminate problems.

8. 360°quilting ,and limitless multi-span and independent quilting.

9. Steady running,high speed,low noise,very thick material with precise quilting .

10. Ringing notice when start machine. 

Advantages of structure:

The machine adopts the split type design, and the machine parts which separate with the computer control cabinet has the following advantages:The high speed running machine will not affect the computer control part.It is especially more convenient for those factories who do not have enough space and without big lift and forklift to download and upload the machine, as the weight is spate and also the space is separate.It can reduce the loss during the flood or fire, as our computer cabinet is light and very easy to move for the case of some natural disasters.One of our customers was unluckily suffered a flood one time, fortunately, his computer cabinet is okay as he can.manually move the computer cabinet quickly.The machine adopts a 18.5 inch LCD displayThis multi-needle quilting machine adopts professional industrial computer, brand EVOC. It is the latest model of FSC8185 main board. Industrial computer has the ability to work continuously for a long time.Compare with the normal office computer, it has those advantages: dustproof, shocks prevent, fast heat transfer.

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