Mattress Cover Quilting Machinery

Mattress Cover Quilting Machinery Digital control shuttle multi-needle quilting machine has following features: Reasonable design, high automation, easy operation (keyboard and mouse ); Quilting stability, high quilting effect, low maintenance, long using life. 1.This quilting machine adopts......

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Mattress Cover Quilting Machinery

Digital control shuttle  multi-needle quilting machine has following features:

Reasonable design, high automation, easy operation (keyboard and mouse ); Quilting stability, high quilting effect, low maintenance, long using life.

1.This quilting machine adopts digital control program.
2.Tack and jump function is included.

3.The revolution of the  spindle is controlled by Panasonic frequency control devices.

4.360 degrees quilting machine comes with 300 quilting patterns for your  choice.
5.Easy pattern drawing system enables you to finish the pattern design in  a few minutes.

6.Improved fabric loading system:The fabric-loading motor ensures  tension control and the quilting effect.

.Improved quilting software control system allows more precise and  stable quilting operations

8.Function of pattern compensation and effective solution to the  distortion of patterns

9. Adjustable pressing plate lifting mechanism enables you to quilt a  broad range of different material thickness.

10.Automatic thread break detectors is included for the top thread.
11.Automatic needle raising and location brake system

12. Error alarm system is  included.

13.Emergency sensors safety device

14.Stitches length from 2mm-6mm is adjustable.

15.Saddles and Rollers are driven by Panasonic servo devices.

Note: Special models can  be customized according to the situation.

Robust structure  provides an operational durability, an ideal balance of all mechanical parts drawn out of a full piece makes the motion of the machine gentle and silent. Moving components  are set in motion by lubricated ball bearings guaranteeing the precision in time.
 Technical Data:

Function/Parameter data/Model

CS110-2 needle row

CS110-3 needle row


5200*1100*1600 mm

5300*1200*1650 mm

Needle row distance

No.1-No.2 : 76.2 mm

No.1-No.2: 76.2 mm
     No.1-No.3: 152.4 mm

Needle distance

25.4 mm

25.4 mm

X Stroke

203.2 mm(8")

304.8 mm(12")

Quilting thickness fiber before pressing

≤70 mm

≤70 mm

Stitch length

2-6 mm

2-6 mm


20-120 m/h

20-120 m/h

Needle No.



Max needle Qty

220 pcs

330 pcs

Quilting width

2794 mm

2794 mm

Rotating speed

200-500 rpm/m

200-500 rpm/m

Rating power

6.2 kw

6.2 kw





3500 kg

3800 kg

Applications: European  style non-slip mat, cloth art cushion, leather sofa set, sofa cover, a variety  of bed mattress, air conditioning quilt, bedding covers, mattress, mattress  protectors, sofa protectors, oven gloves , wall decorations, ,car cushions,  prayer mat, summer quilts ,blankets, etc.

Packaging &  Shipping

1.Product will be  packaged in standard wooden case after tested

2.Product will be  shipped within 25 days after received payment

3. We can ship to  you by DHL/TNT/UPS/EMS/Fedex... Pls contact us directly and we will ship as  your requirement.

Main advantages

1.Quilting Machine is computerized,automatic to choose quilt pattern

2.High speed,help you to increase quilting production output

3.Professional technology make quilt perfect

4.with Auto-stop sensors,machine will be auto-stop when threads broken

5.Needle bars material is aluminum alloy,durable and oil free.

6.X.Y motor adopt "Panasonic" servo motor,high quality 

7.Quilting Machine with CE certificate,best quality and stable running.


Fashionable patterns can be quilted into the various types of bedding. Thick bed quilt,sponge and leather products can also be handled.

The machine is produced by years of research and experiment of all our technical staff.High-performance,and simple operation,strong characteristics of a new type.Apparel trade,industry,interior decoration,etc in the sewing industry,user love to use this new type of machine.

Machine’s pictures:

The installation diagram:



Finished products show:




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