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What Is The Quilting Process?
Dec 12, 2018

Quilting: It is a textile that is sewn with a long needle to fix the cotton wool inside.

The quilted products are usually composed of three layers of fabrics, fillers and base materials. The shapes of the fillers are also different. There are loose fibers in the flakes. During the use of the tires, the molds are used during long-term use. Fixed, flow shrinkage, uneven thickness, etc.

In order to make the outer layer of the bedding outer layer and the filling inner core tightly fixed, the filling material is evenly thickened, and the stitches of the sewing thread are combined on the three-layer material into irregularly arranged, independent or regularly repeated. A graphical track that securely sews three layers of material. These sewing thread pattern trajectories can prevent the movement of fillers (such as spray cotton, silk, down, etc.), and also enhance the three-dimensional sense of the sewing products, so that they have a good decorative function at the same time. This process of adding beauty and practicality is called the quilting process.

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