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What Is The Main Method Of Quilting Embroidery?
Dec 26, 2018

There are 11 kinds of needles for computer embroidery:

   1: Steil stitch, which is a very narrow reciprocating needle (zigzag). When the narrow needle is tilted, the number of needles required is small, and it is commonly used in stems and other designs.

   2: blatt stitch, which is a wide narrow needle with a width often greater than 1/8", also known as a satin stitch.

   3: Running stitch, single needle is a needle of any kind. When embroidering on a light weight fabric or on a heavier fabric with a rough thread, the effect of using a single needle is very good, it can design a light, smooth pattern.

   4: Underlays, which are a type of travel that is not visible in the finished product. Some of the bottom lines are always stitched to the edge of the pattern or the parts of the pattern are joined together during the pattern making process. The bottom line also plays an important role in creating a three-dimensional effect.

   5: French dot, at least 5 single needle stitches can be used to form a French point. It is to put 5 lines and a crisscross on another line to form a certain thickness of embroidery, which looks like a dot. Like a raised point. The more the number of stitches, the more convex this point is. It can create a "loft" effect when embroidering lace.

   6: bean stitch, the bean needle is used to trace the needle in a direction of any choice, and the last needle returns directly to its starting point through its own top. The more the number of stitches, the stronger the stereoscopic effect. Such as embroidered hearts and so on.

   7: Cross stitch is a regular bean needle movement in which several rows form an X shape or form a crossed geometric pattern inside a square. Such embroidery effects are popular in blouses and are often used to imitate farmer-style embroidery styles.

   8: French knot, which often begins with a small dot that is half the size of the knot at the center of the knot, creating a convex effect around the bean needle around it, like a button. The starting point and the ending point must be at the same point.

   9: wiggle/wickel stitch, which is a narrow needle inserted on a series of single needles to form a rough narrow needle to guide the cut.

   10:needle embroidery, this needle method is produced by the combination of needles, which can create a strong three-dimensional feeling. The first point is embroidered with its center point, and then every 1/5 of the patterns are individually printed with a single needle. It is commonly used in belt trims and ruffle trims. It is best to use it on medium weight and heavy fabrics.

   11: A petit point consisting of a series of bean needles having the same direction, which are densely packed together so that the stroke needles connecting the needles are not visible. This geometric form of the needle is used in the design of many plants.

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