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What Can A Computer Quilting Machine Do?
Jan 18, 2019

What can a computer quilting machine do? Quilting is a textile in which a slit is sewn with a long needle to fix the cotton wadding inside. Initially people used to quilt by hand. After the invention of the sewing machine, people began to study the quilting machine.

The quilting products commonly found in products that can be produced by computer quilting machines are quilted quilts. The bedding is generally composed of two parts: the tire material and the outer textile fabric. The tire material has the characteristics of batt and bulk fiber. The structure and shape of the loosely-formed core are not fixed, easy to flow and shrink, and the thickness is not uniform. In order to make the outer layer of the outer layer of the quilt and the inner core tightly fixed, so that the thickness of the quilt is uniform, the outer woven fabric and the inner core are stitched in a straight line or a decorative pattern (including stitching), so that the enamel is finished. The seam was quilted.

Always take a computer quilting machine to be a bedding, and use it to do other products today. For example, make a mattress! The mattress is a kind of item between the human body and the bed used to ensure the healthy and comfortable sleep of the consumer. The mattress has a wide variety of materials, and the mattress made of different materials can bring different sleep effects. Quilted mattresses, quilted to encapsulate the comfort of the material in the sheets. At the same time, the quilted mattress adds beauty and enhances the user's sleep quality.

Computer quilting machines can also do this: quilting non-woven fabrics, what can you do after quilting non-woven fabrics? That use is much more! Paper bags, dust covers, etc. Quilted leather, generally sewed leather can be used to make car seat cushions, sofa cushions, etc. Sleeping bags and cushions can also be quilted by a computerized quilting machine.

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