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The Role Of The Quilting Machine
Nov 21, 2018

1. Different from ordinary multi-needle quilting: no jumper, no disconnection (broken wire alarm, automatic patch), high precision, can process various special techniques and composite flowers.

2, different from ordinary computer embroidery: no glue, no manual frame, high precision, strong stereoscopic effect, the door can reach 3.3 meters.

There are mainly quilt bed products, children's bed sets, crib series, sofa cushions, car seat cushions, floor mat series, tablecloths, curtains, storage series, women's luggage series, kitchen series, bathroom series, Christmas series products.

Qiang embroidery usually uses cotton wool as a raw material, and the fabric is a pure cotton fabric. The quilt and the core of the quilt are inseparable. Since the quilting quilt is relatively cumbersome to process, the quilting process of the conventional finished product is subjected to multiple processing steps. Briefly, the manufacturer began preliminary design, material selection, quilting, positioning while designing the sewing machine or hand sewing, and then producing and quilting accordingly. When the product is basically formed, the manufacturer sends it to the washing department responsible for the post-processing process. Of course, these processes have a great impact on the quality of the product. After washing, the quilting is good, the ball will not be hit, the cleaning is more convenient after use, and the service life is greatly improved. When it comes to life, people who have a certain understanding of quilting will know that after a few washes, they will give up quilting. 80-100 times lower, more than 180-200 times higher. These numbers may be involved. The quilt will be discarded. In fact, you don't have to worry about it. the reason is simple. First of all, we can't use quilting all year round, even if it doesn't matter. It is impossible to wash the quilt as often as clothes. We wash 5 times a year, at least 80 times each time. You have to wash 16 years before retirement. In addition, good quilting promoter, washed with 30 years No such frequency. So it was not worried. The quilted product is a pure cotton fabric. Due to its inherent characteristics, certain fading occurs during the washing process. Since cotton is a natural fiber, it has a slightly lower color fastness than chemical fiber such as polyester. Almost all quilted products made of cotton have an old effect.

Including processed fabrics: polyester silk, satin, taffeta, oxford, dyed fabric, five satin, jacquard, nylon taffeta, cotton, leather, PU, PVC

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