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The Future Development Trend Of Quilting Technology
Jan 07, 2019

The quilting process is divided into manual quilting and mechanical quilting. The work of manual quilting is inefficient, takes a long time, and the process is complicated and costly. For some factories that need mass production, the manual quilting has been mechanically quilted. Replace. However, the hand-quilted feel is softer and more comfortable, and therefore has a higher collection value. The mechanical quilting is slightly more efficient, but people need people to operate, because it is a single needle machine, it is still time consuming. The slightly complicated quilting line can't be operated, and the quilted pattern is also relatively simple.

Quilting can be divided into two types: hand quilting and machine quilting. Handcuffs are more cumbersome to process, and the stitches are not as neat as the machine, but the feel is much better than the machine quilting. The machine is neatly stitched, the overall effect is beautiful, and the hand feels good. The styles of the quilted quilt can be divided into print quilts, embroidered quilts, quilts, quilts, and plain quilts. Of course, there is also a combination of printing and embroidery, and the combination of the block and the print.

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