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The Difference Between Ribbon Embroidery And Cross Stitch
Jan 07, 2019

1. The cross stitch bottom fabric is made of mesh type cloth, which means that the cross stitch is now limited to the grid, and the cross is embroidered according to the grid. Hanging paintings are OK, and they can be flat and beautiful. But practical? Such as a pillow. All embroidered know that the mesh cloth is very hard, and it is not very comfortable to hold on the body. Cross stitch is also not easy to embroider directly on clothes or tablecloths.

Ribbon embroidery is made of cloth such as cotton cloth and canvas. It can be embroidered on the base fabric of the cross-stitch, or it can be embroidered on a cloth such as tablecloths or curtains. Of course, the cloth should be thicker to avoid drawing. In other words, it can be embroidered on any cloth.

2. The thread of the cross stitch is made of silk thread, and there is pure cotton or cotton. The silk thread is divided into many strands according to the needs of the painting. The embroidered pattern is coherent and beautiful, but the color is bright and dark.

The ribbon embroidery is made of different width and narrow ribbons, and the material is artificial silk. The distribution of the ribbon is divided into many points according to the needs of the painting, and there are opaque and transparent ribbons. The ribbon is used to wrap gifts on the market. The ribbon embroidery may not be as delicate as the cross stitch, but the pattern is three-dimensional and the color is bright, making the whole picture bright.

3. Although the cross stitch method is single, it is only a cross stitch, but the amount of work is large, and it takes a day or two for a small amount. Not to mention a big one, and some have not completed one, if not professional. Embroidered, it may take longer, it will be annoying.

There are more than 20 kinds of ribbon embroidery methods, but the needle method is simple and most people can understand it. And a painting doesn't need so many stitches. The embroidery time of the ribbon is short, and it can be embroidered after two or three hours of skill. It is very fulfilling.

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