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Sticking And Cutting Tips
Jan 07, 2019

Sticking cloth is to stick the cloth and the sponge with the adhesive. The surface of the cloth must be flat after the bonding, and the adhesive and its solvent which are harmful to the human body, such as adhesives containing formaldehyde and acetone, cannot be used in the process of sticking. Otherwise, these ingredients Residual in the clothing will affect the health of the human body.

Generally, it is first typesetting and then cutting. In the typesetting, attention should be paid to the texture of the fabric, and the layout should be reasonably arranged according to its performance. The cloth embroidery process reminds the left and right pieces of the grain direction that the direction of the film is inconsistent, which will result in different elastic sizes of the left and right back sheets. When worn, it will notice that the two sides are different in tension; in the sewing process, the size will be different, which will affect the appearance.

Shoulder straps and shoulder straps are generally first cut into a certain length according to requirements, then put on the shoulder strap buckle, suture with a single needle zigzag sewing machine; or stitched with a knotting machine; invisible shoulder The use of the belt must be guaranteed to have considerable elasticity and sufficient strength to prevent breakage. At the same time, pay attention to the selection of the appropriate needle during the sewing process to prevent the rubber band from sticking out.

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