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Quilting Process Principle
Dec 13, 2018

The quilting machine is similar to the ordinary sewing machine in that it is an XY-Z type three-dimensional motion system.

In the direction of the X axis, the head of the sewing machine moves left and right;

In the Y-axis direction, the sewing machine head moves back and forth;

In the direction of the Z axis, the sewing needle moves up and down, and each time it is moved, a needle is sewn;

The main working principle of computer quilting machine: using industrial computer, with motion control card, step/servo motor, frequency converter, according to the pattern design of the pattern-making software, high-speed and accurate control of X, Y axial motion, thus achieving complex design patterns Motion control, from computer design to product production. Due to the use of the industrial computer, the operation of the complex pattern can be realized, and the precision is high and the processing speed is fast.

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