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Quilting Machine Function
Jul 24, 2018

Taking the bedding as an example, the bedding is generally composed of two parts: the tire material and the outer textile fabric. The tire material has the characteristics of batt and loose fiber. The structure and shape of the loosely-formed tire core are not fixed, easy to flow and shrink, and the thickness is not uniform. In order to make the outer layer of the outer layer of the quilt and the inner core tightly fixed, the thickness of the quilt is uniform, and the outer woven fabric and the inner core are stitched in a straight line or a decorative pattern (including stitching), which increases the beauty and The practical process, called quilting, is called a quilted quilt or a quilted mat. In the past, quilted products were basically completed by hand. The products were mainly quilted quilts and quilted mats. The difference between them and the bedding used in general households was that there was an additional quilting process, and the operation procedure was to sew and smash. The disadvantages of low-yield, poor pattern consistency and complicated operation process are the processing methods of thousands of households. In the 1990s, the mechanical multi-needle quilting machine entered China with high output and good consistency. However, the pattern was simple, the change was small, the cloth could not be cut, the plate could not be printed, and the composite was mainly composed.

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