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Precautions When Replacing The Components Of The Computer Quilting Machine
Dec 29, 2018

1. Repair and replacement parts should be operated by experts as much as possible.

2. Repaired or replaced parts must be provided or approved by the original manufacturer, and the models can be replaced before they can be replaced.

3. When replacing the computer quilting machine parts, if it is necessary to open the electric control box, be sure to turn off the power and wait for five minutes to operate. Do not wet the hand.

4. Use professional tools, strictly follow the instructions to enter the quilting machine parts replacement, the machine should be placed in a stable position during the replacement operation.

5. After the replacement work is completed, check again. Make sure that the solder has no contact with other quilting parts. The insulation on the circuit board should be restored to its original shape. If the contact between the wire terminal and the plug is good, the screw nut will not operate and will not fall off.

6. After the replacement of the computer quilting machine parts, it is necessary to test the operation and put it into normal work. Pay attention to the hair clothes and not touch the pulleys and belts during the test run.

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