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Precautions For Quilting Embroidery Quilts
Dec 15, 2018

1. Due to the difference in habits, some friends in some areas like to put a cotton yarn sleeve on the outside of the core, which is convenient for washing and unloading, and will not lose the core and prevent the cotton wool from spreading. Ordinary core mesh is about 4mm apart, and the density of the gauze is much higher than the original net, so the quilt can be more durable.

2. The newly purchased quilted embroidered quilt should be laid on the bed for padding and compacted for one to two weeks before the cover is used, so that the cotton in the quilt is combined with the mesh, and the cotton and cotton are closely bonded. Prevent the occurrence of cotton agglomeration and loopholes during the use of quilts, prolong the use of quilts and enhance warmth.

3, the quilt is not dried as long as possible, it is recommended to dry in the general 1-2 hours from 2 am to 2 pm. After drying the quilt, people are used to slap the body, feel that it is clean and can make the quilt fluffy, in fact, this is not correct, because the cotton fiber is thick and short, easy to break, repeated tapping will reduce the quilt's warmth performance.

4, because the quilted embroidered quilt is well absorbed by the fetus, the night will absorb the certain moisture and smell discharged by the human body during sleep, so do not fold the quilt directly after getting up in the morning, but turn the quilt back to the ground, etc. 15 After finishing in minutes, it will volatilize the bad substances absorbed, which will enable you and your family to dry and comfortable, have no bad smell when they fall asleep the next day, and extend the life of the batt itself.

5. When the quilt is not used for a long time, please dry it and place it in a dry place or seal it with a good plastic bag so that the quilt will not get wet when used in the second year.

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