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How To Solve The Computer Quilting Machine Crash?
Jan 18, 2019

Check the wear of the motor clutch head of the computer quilting machine is not serious, check whether the clutch action is normal, the clutch stroke is not within the normal range, and when adjusting, the adjustment of the return spring and the friction plate is also adjusted. The journey of the clutch.

Carefully check the belt of the computer quilting machine for slack and slip. If such a problem occurs, it must be adjusted in time.

Carefully check the computer quilting machine for dust and dead spots. Remove the belt, and forcefully rotate the upper wheel and the lower timing wheel to check whether the rotation of the head and the bottom plate are light and slippery, and whether there is a dead point. There should be a dead point when the machine is turning, carefully identify the location where the dead point exists, and then eliminate it. Focus on whether the moving parts are deformed, whether the screws are loose or displaced, or the movement is blocked by dust, foreign matter and lack of oil. When adjusting, replace the deformed parts, re-adjust the loose parts, and remove and clean the foreign objects.

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