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How To Choose A Quilting Machine
Jan 18, 2019

The quilting machine is a relatively common piece of home textile equipment. So how to buy a good quilting machine has become a question for everyone, tell everyone how to buy a good quilting machine.

First, when purchasing a quilting machine, you should first look at the stepper motor of the equipment, as well as the materials used in key parts such as the timing belt. If it is plastic, it is not recommended to buy it.

Second, we must also look at whether there will be noise and vibration during the operation of the equipment. The structure on the equipment should be designed in black to avoid vibration and noise during work.

Third, when buying a quilting machine, you should also look at the automation function of the device, and how flexible it is, you can try it out to ensure that the device automatically completes the sewing.

Fourth, another point is the speed of the equipment, because the equipment can run smoothly, it can also ensure the efficiency of the equipment.

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