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Handbag Cotton Introduces You To Three Fabric Combinations
Jan 07, 2019

The two outer cloths are fixed in a single arc with a single-needle lock stitch, and the sewing is generally 0.5 cm, which is stitched in series. In the middle bowl cover line, the stitched pieces of the cloth are unplugged by a special presser foot, and then fixed by a double needle lock type sewing machine. This procedure requires that the double needle upper thread and the bottom thread tension are moderately tight and does not affect the appearance.

The sponge pieces were sutured with a single-needle four-point zigzag sewing machine, and the sponge was fixed on both sides with a cloth strip. The bonding between the sponge sheet and the sheet must be tight, and the operator should sew the sponge piece in the arc when sewing. And the tension between the upper thread and the lower thread should be the same, and the tightness is moderate. Otherwise, the sewn sponge bowl has a poor three-dimensional appearance.

Fix the inner bowl of the sponge and the outer bowl of the flower cloth with a single needle sewing machine. The inner and outer bowls must be aligned. Otherwise, the bowl will be deformed and the appearance will be affected. On the upper ridge, the ridge is folded in half and the side is stitched with a three-thread overlock machine. The lace is combined with the upper ridge heart. The ridge heart and the lace are fixed by a single-needle herringbone stitch sewing machine. The straight edge of the lace must be aligned at the seaming bowl. The ridge heart is only fixed on the lace, and the sewing is performed in the arc as close as possible to the lace edge.

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