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Embroidery Machine Operation Problem
Nov 21, 2018

Jumping needle: In the long sewing time, the jump stitch generated by the needle bending, the operator will also jump the needle when the needle is reversed, and the hook tip and the concave surface of the needle will jump too far, and the hook tip will be correspondingly The gap with the concave surface of the needle is adjusted to 0.05mm, and the tensioner and the thread take-up spring are too tight to cause a jumper phenomenon, and the tension of the thread clamp and the thread take-up spring is adjusted accordingly. For example, in the long-term sewing, the wear and defect of the hook tip can not be hooked and the jumper is generated, so a new hook should be replaced. In addition, when sewing the wrapping on the collar of the knitting garden, the needle used is 9# imported needle, and the high and low fabric sewing products also produce jumping stitches. However, the process requirements can not use the 11# needle. Because the needle eye is large, the needle bar can be adjusted downward by 0.2MM, which can increase the amount of thread. The position of the hook hook line is raised above the needle hole when the needle bar is raised. When the position is 0.1MM, the hook line is used, because the wire loop at this time is the easiest to hook the line, which can solve the jump stitch problem.

Section line: First check whether each thread passing through the upper thread is misplaced, check whether the needle is bent, whether the needle hole has burrs, if there is a cross section, replace the needle, and sew for a long time. In the middle of the system, the threading hole of the thread take-up rod is grooved to make the line not smooth, and the cross-section line is not produced. Check whether the needle hole of the needle plate leaves too many needle marks after the needle is broken, and the needle plate hole has burrs and the cross-section line, the hook If the positioning hook has a concave burr, use a small garden file to remove the burr, use a sandpaper or cloth strip to polish the groove and the burr surface, and check whether the bobbin screw head on the bobbin case is too long. In the movement, the upper thread is easy to take. The upper screw is easy to produce cross-section lines, and the large and small screws are replaced. If the new hook, the groove of the hook and the inner hook have a small burr, the clamping line and the section line are used, and the grinding paste is used for grinding to solve the clamping line. , the problem of the section line.

Broken needle: first check whether the needle is bent to cause the needle plate to break the needle, then check whether the needle and the needle plate hole are misaligned to cause the needle to break, adjust the position of the needle plate and the dental frame so that the needle is in the middle of the needle plate hole The position, if the fabric is thick and the needle is small, when the fabric is folded, the needle is small and the needle is broken, and the corresponding needle is replaced. Checking whether the feeding is too early or too late may cause the needle to be broken. The feed cam is synchronized with the needle. Debugging method: Turn the needle tip to the needle plate, and when the tooth feeding is most down, align with the plane of the needle plate, check whether the position of the hook is misaligned and cause the needle to break. Adjust the gap between the hook and the concave surface of the needle to adjust 0.05mm clearance, check whether the needle bar is placed too low, it is easy to make the needle collide with the bobbin and break the needle, adjust the height of the needle bar, take the scale on the needle bar as the standard, or check whether the bobbin is deformed, replace Bobbin.

Broken bottom line: Check if the bobbin case and the bobbin are too tight. If the bobbin deformation is too tight, it will also cause the bottom line to be broken. You have to change the bobbin to check whether the bobbin on the bobbin case is used for a long time. When the knife edge is generated, the bottom line is broken when the line is taken out, so the shuttle must be replaced.

Noise: There are many reasons for this, such as: long working vibration makes the screw loose, the oil quantity is small, the gap of the bevel gear is large, the noise of the feeding cam after long time use, the gap between the needle bar connecting rod and the needle bearing is large. There is a gap between the needle bar and the upper and lower sleeves of the needle bar, and the gap between the hook and the inner hook is large, which causes noise. Check if the screw is loose or listen carefully to the sound of the part. If the parts are worn out, the parts must be replaced.

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