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Embroidery Machine Development History
Jul 24, 2018


Joshua Heilman produced the first hand-embroidery machine. It was made by Koechlin of Mulhouse and sold to Houldsworth in Manchester, England a year later.


The embroidery machine hand embroidery machine was exhibited at the Paris Exposition and won the Legion of Honor Gold Award.


Swiss jacquard weaver Isaak Groebli is interested in combining hand-embroidery technology with the sewing machine (or lock) technology of the time. His goal was to develop a machine that could use continuous lines (on the spool). The use of lock needles will definitely bring a complete revolution to machine embroidery.


Groebli developed the first experimental prototype with the support of Mr. M. Wehrli of St. Gallen, Switzerland, because the shuttle is shaped like a small boat and is called the “schiffli machine” (in the dialects of Switzerland and Germany, schiffli means It means a boat), Chinese is translated as: "Flying embroidery machine". This machine has 24 pins, 1 1/2 yards long, and only one needle works fine. Mr. Reiter, the machine manufacturer in Winterthur, Switzerland, took over the development of schiffli.


The embroidery machine control panel Reiter introduced the first Reiter-type schiffli machine.

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