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Computerized Quilting Embroidery Machine Features And Scope Of Application
Dec 27, 2018

The main control equipment of the computerized quilting embroidery machine is an industrial computer. It cooperates with the sports card, stepper/servo motor and frequency converter, and plays an important role in controlling the whole machine in high speed, accuracy and stable operation. Multi-axis motion control card is a high-performance, low-cost stepper/servo motor motion control card based on PC bus. It includes pulse output, pulse counting, digital input, digital output and other functions. It can emit continuous high frequency. The pulse train controls the speed of the motor by changing the frequency of the pulse, and changes the number of pulses to control the position of the motor. Pulse counting can be used for encoder position feedback, providing accurate machine position and correcting errors during transmission. To ensure long-term stable operation of the entire system.

Computerized quilting embroidery machine is easy to operate, high speed, suitable for bedding, mattress, clothing, furniture industry. Computer quilting machine can be widely used in various quilts, sleeping bags, bedspreads, curtains quilting; computer quilting machine A lot of good or bad, in order to choose a good machine, the key depends on the key parts of the machine, such as the materials used in each rotating part.

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