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Computer Quilting Machine Features And Advantages
Jan 18, 2019

With the continuous adjustment of the market and consumption structure, the medium and low speed industrial quilting machine can no longer meet the production demand. The quilting machine is developing in the direction of high speed and serialization. The electronic and computer technology are widely used in the quilting machine.

The computer quilting machine has high stability. Due to the use of electronic or computer control systems, the computerized quilting machine has good stability after sewing, especially reliability, including good stitching, softness and stability.

Low noise, low vibration design. The computerized quilting machine is optimized from the structure of the casing to the small parts of each part, thereby minimizing noise and vibration during daily work. High degree of automation and low effort. The computer quilting machine can automatically complete the set sewing work. Such as automatic seaming, automatic adjustment of thick seam sewing thread tension, automatic shifting, automatic torque change, automatic thread trimming, automatic needle filling and so on.

Clean and environmentally friendly performance. The quilting machine is usually in the development process of the mechatronic quilting machine. The designer emphasizes the clean and non-staining sewing of the machine. The needle bar, the thread take-up rod and the hook are designed by the design of the quilting machine head. Clean the sewing without using oil around.

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