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Computer Quilting Machine
Jul 24, 2018

Under the constant research and exploration, under the efforts of scientific researchers, a computerized quilting machine controlled by computer was finally developed. His birth solved the insurmountable problem of ordinary quilting machines. Compared with the traditional mechanical quilting machine, the computer quilting machine has broken through its function of simply drawing a semi-coordinate simple pattern. Under the control of precise computer system, the computer quilting machine can perfectly handle all kinds of complex patterns compiled on the entire coordinate system. In terms of production speed, mechanical performance, noise pollution and other indicators, it is unmatched by the previous mechanical machines. .

Features and benefits

(1) Thinness adjustment function: To adjust different thicknesses, the depth of the quilting can be adjusted according to the relevant instructions.

(2) Pattern storage function: The computer quilting machine disk can store patterns for a long time, and users can choose to use the added pattern as needed. The operation is simple, convenient and fast.

(3) Set the line step function: the reliability is strong, the line steps are even, and the pattern is not easy to be deformed.

(4) Hook function: It can effectively prevent disconnection.

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