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Basic Maintenance Of Computer Quilting Machine
Nov 21, 2018

Computer quilting machine ambient temperature and humidity: The computer does not have high temperature and humidity requirements. As long as the user feels comfortable, the computer can adapt.

The temperature is too low, some components may not work properly, this is not a computer failure; the temperature is too high, the computer has difficulty in dissipating heat, and the components may malfunction due to overheating;

1.The relative temperature varies depending on the geographical location. Excessively dry air may cause static electricity to build up and damage the integrated circuit, which is unfavorable to both people and machines. Excessively humid air will cause rust and corrosion of the chip inside the computer, resulting in poor or short circuit of the contactor.

2, ventilation: the computer has certain requirements for ventilation, the place where the computer is placed is best ventilated, smooth in heat dissipation.

3, dust: the computer room environment is the main factor to ensure the normal operation of the machine, there must be certain dust-proof equipment, such as vacuum equipment, slippers, cover hood.

Keyboards, floppy drives and other devices require a clean environment with less dust. After the keyboard is tested, it can be covered with a plastic cover. The floppy drive can be cleaned regularly with a cleaning disk, or it can be cleaned directly by the floppy disk drive (better effect), but do not damage the head. There is dust on the display, which can be removed with a soft cloth. Remember not to use a damp cloth to remove dust while the computer is working. In addition, you can open the case and use a brush and a vacuum cleaner to remove internal dust. When the computer is not working, cover the main unit and monitor with a hood. (Note: You must have a computer system engineer or a person who will operate the computer when you open the case.)

4, power line noise, radio frequency interference: when the grid is connected to other heavy loads, such as electric shock, it will cause fluctuations or spikes in the power supply voltage - surge voltage, too high spike voltage will damage the computer, so Be careful not to overload the power grid connected to the computer. The computer mainframe must be well grounded. (If the voltage is unstable, you need to buy 3KV regulated power supply yourself): RF interference Sometimes even the electromagnetic wave emitted by the mobile phone will cause interference to the system, or make the system deadlock. Changing the direction of the computer may solve the problem and solve the problem. The best way to use it is to use a good shield grounding.

5. Do not switch the computer quilting machine frequently: the current generated by the switch is much larger than that during stable operation. Frequent switching will cause local temperature rise or system overload, thus reducing the life. If you need to leave the machine for a long time, in order to reduce power consumption. And to protect the screen, you should adjust the contrast and brightness of the display.

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