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Analysis Of Some Common Quilting Embroidery Techniques
Dec 14, 2018

Single needle quilting

A single needle quilting machine is a computer controlled quilting machine with a single quilting head. Single needle quilting machine refers to a piece of needle sewing a piece of fabric from head to tail, which is operated by a computer to determine the walking path of the needle. The pattern can be selected at will. Only one piece of fabric can be sewn at a time, so the fabric pattern that is usually sewn is a continuous repeating pattern.

Advantages of single needle quilting:

The fabric is narrowed and the quilted pattern is simple. Generally, large-area blocks are used for quilting, and some patterns are designed into patterns. There are also a small number of patterns, such as silk quilts, with a small area quilted independent positioning pattern. The quilt can be quilted, and the quilt will not be affected after the quilting, and the quilt will be added to enhance the quilt's fluffiness.

Multi-needle quilting

Multi-needle quilting machine refers to multiple needles working on one quilting machine at the same time. The fabric is stitched with continuous and regular stitches. The pattern can be continuously sewed, and multiple fabric patterns can be continuously sewed. .

Advantages and disadvantages of multi-needle quilting machine:

Multi-needle quilting machine has high production efficiency, high speed and quick quilting structure. The pattern is rich, the fixing effect on the filling is better, and it is not easy to change position during use.

The multi-needle quilting product has a small quilting block, a high pattern repetition rate, a tight quilted embroidery thread, and a slightly harder feel. Multi-needle quilting is suitable for squatting mats, summer cool quilts, not suitable for thick and thick autumn and winter products.

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