Mattress Machine

  • Mattress Tape Edge Machine

    Product Description: WB-3A Mattress Tape Edge Machine is mainly used for taping edge of mattress panel and soft cushion. It adopts advanced three-phase motor drive system, high efficiency, easy operate and stable performance. It is the perfect equipment for manufacturing...

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  • Highlift Tape Edge Machine

    Technical characteristics: · Advanced 300U chain-stitch sewing head are selectable equipped for tape edge applications; · Working table height electrical adjusted by stand-lone lifting column, and electrical angel tilting for sewing head; · Variable speed driving motor with...

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  • Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine

    Product Description: WB-4A Automatic Mattress Tape Edge Machine is mainly used for taping edge of mattress panel and soft cushion. Rather than moving around, the head is fixed but can move up and down to adapt to different height of mattress. The obliquity of the head is...

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  • Mattress Roll-Packing Machine

    Product Description: This machine is specialized in rolling packing the foam mattress which density is equal or less than 30kgs/m3. Technical characteristics: 1. High production efficiency: It takes 35~40seconds to finish one foam mattress rolling packing into the plastic...

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  • Mattress Compression Vacuum Packing Machine

    Product Description: The working platform of this machine adopts the floating type structure, and can enter and exit the main machine, and move up and down with the hydraulic platform, which is used for vacuuming and heat sealing after the plastic-packaged mattress is...

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  • Mattress Compression Packing Machine

    Product Description: This machine is mainly used for mattress and packaging of mattress compression vacuum hot seal, or other materials With low density and foam elasticity and used in the packing after compression in order to save space in storage and transportation. It can...

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  • Automatic Sponge Foam Rolling Compressing Packaging Machine

    Product Description: 1. Save storage and delivery cost. 2. Excellent double-waved seal. 3. Up to: 1.5 minutes per unit. 4. Accept foam-roll, latex-roll and so on. 5. Double-waved seal to ensure excellent package. 6. Automatically compressing & packing / high-efficiency /...

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  • Automatic Mattress Roll Packing Machine

    Product Description: Accepts: Pocket spring units , Foam mattress, Latex mattress Technical characteristics: 1. International patented discharging system for compressed-roll products provides secure package and prefect products. 2. Electronic components are CE-conform and...

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  • Automatic Mattress Packaging Machine

    Product Description: The LR-MP-50P produced by our company is a function machine of the product line, lt is specially designed for the final package of the finished mattress in the end of the product line,. LR-MP-50P make use of plastic to pack finished mattress and then...

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  • Automatic Mattress Kneading Roll Packing Machine

    Technical characteristics: 1. Save storage and delivery cost 2. Perfect seal of film provides more security in storage & delivery 3. CE-Conform / International standard components 4. Accept all kinds of finished mattress and soft cushions made from sponge, simplify...

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  • Automatic Mattress Filling Machine

    Product Description: TD-1600 Automatic Mattress Filling Machine is a popular and advanced mattress filling device. It includes two parts a PLC controlled mainframe and a feeding platform. It is easy to operate this machine with touch screen and adaptive for filling many kinds...

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  • High Speed Computerized Continuous Single-Needle Quilting Machine

    Computerized Continuous Single-Needle Quilting Machine Product Description: HF-DZ-1 Computerized Single Head Continues Quilting Machine is a new high efficiency and high automatic equipment developed by our company. It widely used to sewing many kind of beautiful patterns on...

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