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Quilting machine home textile equipment application prospects
Dec 01, 2018

1. The urbanization process continues to advance and expand the bedding consumer groups


The urbanization construction will inevitably be accompanied by the transfer of rural population to the city. The release of the consumption potential of this part of the population has increased the demand for bedding. The ever-increasing urban population and the consequent changes in the living environment have promoted the upgrading of the soft environment for residential decoration, thus providing a broader space for the consumption of the bedding market. With China's comprehensive progress in urbanization, a large influx of people into the city directly drives the growth of the number of potential consumers, which has also led to a rapid increase in consumer demand in the bedding market.


2. The consumption level is continuously improved, and the consumption habits of residents are upgraded.


In recent years, China's per capita GDP has been continuously improved, and the living standards of residents have continued to improve. People's lives have changed from “satisfaction” to “small well-being”. People's demand for living environment and quality of life has gradually increased from practicality and economy. The comfort, cultural and personal transformation has led to constant changes in the concept of consumption of bedding. With the further improvement of residents' consumption level, the domestic bedding market will have more room for growth.


3, housing conditions have improved significantly, driving the rigid demand for bedding


the Chinese government has gradually promoted the reform of the housing system for urban residents throughout the country, promoted the continuous development of the domestic real estate and construction industries, improved the housing conditions of urban residents, and greatly improved the sales area of residential commercial housing. Significant improvement. Based on the consumption habits of Chinese residents, about 82% of Chinese consumers will buy all kinds of bedding to decorate their homes when they are renovating or moving to a new home. Paying attention to environmental decoration, improving the quality of life, paying attention to individual culture and living art, and creating a comfortable living environment have become the standards and pursuits for people to settle in their new homes. The improvement of residential housing conditions has greatly stimulated the consumption of bedding products. The consumer demand characterized by the move to new homes or the decoration of bedding will form a huge market for bedding demand.

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