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Multi-needle quilting machine works
Jul 24, 2018

The multi-needle quilting machine includes equal length rise (fall) supports that are independently configured to move up and down by separate operating levers; a plurality of needles mounted on the ascending (descending) support, mounted on the ascending (falling) support a guide member under the member, the guide member is provided with a guide hole through which the needle support member carrying the needle is fixed on the ascending (descending) support member. Each support rod is provided with a presser foot and is elastically supported by a spring. Alternatively, the seaming mechanism causes the plurality of hooks on the rear hook base to be secured in place by the hook support before being mounted in the elongated longitudinal direction. In this case, the rear hook support can be adjusted at the same time by adjusting the position of the rear hook base. Moreover, the longitudinal rod is mounted above the front side of the needle to rotate a certain angle in the forward (backward) direction in accordance with the operation of the cam guide. The longitudinal rod is provided with the same number of take-up rods as the needle to allow the needle to receive the thread of the seam, which passes through each thread take-up rod to avoid any breakage

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