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Insulation is the historical development of quilting machine
Jul 24, 2018

However, the greenhouse insulation that we just started to produce is hand-quilted. Manual quilting insulation is also a lot of drawbacks, such as low production, and requires a lot of manual production, high production cost, unsatisfactory quilting after eating, quilt line not straight, uneven thickness of insulation, uneven stitch code Many problems, such as unsightly appearance and poor quality.

In the early 1990s, through the repeated improvement of the grass curtain machine, the earliest insulation quilting machine was finally produced by using the straw curtain machine.

Subsequently, in order to promote the production and development of agriculture, the state has given a lot of support and help to the greenhouse insulation. With the support of the government, the greenhouse insulation has been changed by the industry.

The new type of insulation has entered the line of sight of the quilting machine. The new insulation is faster than the quilting machine, and has a hook, no longer there is a jumper problem. It also has advanced features for disconnected parking. With more human changes and the emergence of design. Insulation is already at a higher level by the quilting machine

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