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Computer quilting machine maintenance
Nov 30, 2018

1. The grounding wire of the machine power supply must be grounded independently and must not be mixed with the “zero” wire in the power supply.

  2. Do not open the computer parts and inverters. If there is any fault in this area, please contact the manufacturer in time and send it to the manufacturer or its agent for repair.

  3. When the machine is working, always pay attention to whether there is abnormal sound. If there is abnormal sound, stop it in time, and wait until the cause is found out and then work.

  4. Ensure that the input voltage is stable. If necessary, configure the regulator to ensure the normal operation of the electrical components of the machine.

  5. If a temporary power failure occurs during the normal quilting process, the power switch of the computer and the electrical box should be shut down in time. After the connection, the setting parameters should be re-confirmed, and the machine head and frame should be returned to the starting point position, and then the machine should be started.

  6. When pulling out or loading the material frame, check whether the needle is at the highest position to avoid pulling the fabric.

  7. All belts on the machine are not allowed to be oiled. If there is oil on the surface of the belt, it should be wiped clean in time.

  8. If the working environment of the machine exceeds the specified requirements, the tension of the timing belt will change significantly, and the electrical components will be unstable. At this time, the machine may be abnormal. Please strictly monitor the changes in the working environment.

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