Foam Machine

  • Manual Seated Foaming Machine

    Product Description: XBF-11/15B manual foaming vertical machine is mostly used for mixing, stirring and foaming the raw material of foam rubber. It adopts double-segment adjusting in high speed and low speed, which has automatic-timing controlled function in high speed. If it...

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  • Seated Foaming Machine Manual Operation

    Product Description: XBF-11/15A manual foaming seated machine is mostly used for mixing, stirring and foaming the raw material of foam rubber. It stirs the material in high-speed, makes it mixing completely, and finishes the chemical reaction, then, pull into mould and...

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  • Re-Bonding Foam Machine

    Product Description: XJB-10B re-bonding foam making machine is mostly used for mixing the foam flocks, come from foam crushing machine, with adhesive, foaming and pressing into required density re-bonding sponge via oil-pressure system.It has higher productivity included...

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  • Full Automatic Horizontal Continuous Foaming Production Line

    Product Description: XLF-2400 automatic horizontal continuous foaming production line is mostly used to produce soft urethane foam rubber products (density is about 6-90kg/m3). It adopts high atomization level, flexibly controlling man-machine interface control system, users...

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  • Full Automatic Batch Foaming Machine

    Product Description: XFX-110 Full automatic batch foaming machine can produce various PU foam with cuboids or cylinder shape. Such as general PU foam, memory foam, HR foam, hard PU foam, super soft PU foam etc. This machine adopts the man-machine interface automatic control...

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  • Vertical Foam Cutting Machine

    Product Description: XLQ-4L Vertical Foam Cutting Machine is mostly used for upright-slicing the foam rubber and mould-slicing. This machine can further-process all kinds of EVA and pearl rubber sections synchronously. Technical Specification:

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  • Vertical Foam Boring Drilling Machine

    Product Description: XZK-45B Foam vertical boring machine is prepared as matched equipment for foam peeling machine, which is mostly used to punch a center-hole in round foam rubber and further-process. Technical Specification:

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  • Seated Foam Boring Machine

    Product Description: XZK-45 Seated Foam Boring Machine is prepared it is equipment of foam rubber disc machine, it is mostly used punching center hole in round foam rubber. Technical Specification:

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  • Profile Cutting Equipment

    Product Description: XYX-1650/2150 profiling cutting machine is used for normal foam, memory foam and re-bonding foam profiling cutting into wavy shape , which is mostly used in appropriate electron, delicate instrument, car seating, sanitarian products and rich article of...

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  • Horizontal Foam Cutting Machinery

    Product Description: CSXPQ-1650/2150 horizontal foam cutting machine adopts the advanced imported inverter timing controlled techniques. It is used for flatly-slicing the foam . It’s controlled by full-automatic numerical system. The working platform adopts rollers and vacuum...

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  • Foam Peeling Machine

    Product Description: CSXYQ-2150 Continuous Foam Peeling Machine is mainly used for round foam first for long wafer cutting work , control cutting thickness through change gear the machine also can choose ball screw and servo control system, change the original gear control...

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  • Foam Crushing Machine

    Product Description: CSXFS-22 Foam Crusher is mostly used of recycling the scraped-foam rubber, which are crushed, and working together with stirring machine to make the reprocessing foam. This machine works better after improving, better output, and higher efficiency....

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